Battle Ready Fuel founder Ollie lives and breathes the values behind the brand. Health, energy and a relentless focus to dominate any goal with mental and physical excellence. He’s a real leader.

When Ollie’s got your six, you know it’s possible to achieve anything.

“If You’re Not Mentally Prepared - You’re Not Physically Ready”

Ollie is a central member of the Channel Four series SAS: Who Dares Wins. This amazingly popular show brought the Special Forces into the public eye. It was the first time we all saw how mental strength and physical power could combine to devastating effect.

In fact, Ollie was one of the first former members of the UK Special Forces members to talk about his experiences and turn them into a positive force for good.

Everyone who meets Ollie feels energised by his inspiring and motivating personality. His experience, mental focus and incredible ability to make the right decision have always helped him to victory. And now he is focused on your success.

Ollie joined the Royal Marine Commandos when he was just 18. He toured in Northern Ireland and Iraq Operation Desert Storm. After five years, he was put forward to SAS Special Forces Selection. This is an incredible honour which very few ever get the opportunity to consider, let alone succeed at. The selection process was a gruelling six months of mental and physical tests. But Ollie smashed it, and was one of seven successful candidates… out of 250!

He spent six years in the SBS, completing high profile missions on land and at sea. Ollie became expert in hostage rescue, counter narcotics, counter terrorism, homeland security, counterinsurgency operations and humanitarian efforts. He qualified as a pilot of a mini-sub called a Submersible Dive Vessel (SDV) which is used to get Special Forces Combat Soldiers behind enemy lines.

Ollie left the Special Forces and worked in Iraq as a private security contractor for American TV crews. His skills and experience were invaluable, especially when he saved 12 members of his vehicle convoy from armed attack (all while driving at 140kph near Baghdad!)

He worked for a charity in South East Asia and was lead command of a small team which infiltrated child trafficking rings, including the largest mission the charity ever conquered.

After 13 years working all around the world, Ollie settled back in the UK in 2014 and developed BREAK-POINT. Together, BREAK-POINT and BRF can offer you events, experiences and incredible quality supplements to support you as you become your best self.

Whatever your mission, Ollie is dedicated to helping you reach your goal.



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